"because every child deserves a healthy beating heart"

Welcome to the Beating Hearts Foundation. A non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds to help children with cardiovascular illnesses. My name is Eileen Garrido, and I'm not only the founder, but I'm also a heart patient. You see I was born with a very serious heart condition known as Tetralogy of Fallot. This serious and complex heart condition caused my heart to provide insufficient oxygen to my body, and which left untreated, would be fatal.

After three successful heart surgeries, my damaged heart was repaired. I was lucky that my parents had insurance and were well informed on their options for my care including Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Unfortunately, not all children are as lucky as I was. Many parents do not have the means needed to help provide for their sick children nor receive information about resources available to them including CHLA. That's where my foundation hopes to make a difference. Through musical performances, speaking engagements, donations, and fundraisers, I raise money to help children with serious heart conditions just like mine.

Additionally, I serve as a Junior Ambassador to Children's Hospital Los Angeles and bring awareness to our community of the amazing doctors, nurses, and services offered at CHLA. With your support, we can all work together to make sure every child has a healthy beating heart!

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